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Dr. Scott Poland

Psychology and Mediation

Dr. Scott Poland
Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Mediator
Psychotherapy, Counseling, Marriage Counseling,
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mediation, Divorce Mediation
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Marriage Counseling, Couple's Counseling, and Premarital Therapy

For Committed Couples Who are Struggling or Want to Improve Communication and Intimacy

I see many couples for marriage counseling, or couple's counseling. Additionally, couples are seen for pre-marital counseling. I also see couples who are not legally married and/or are planning on marriage. Premarital counseling can also help couples who are engaged to proactively work out marital expectations, family issues, or blended family issues when both have children from other marriages, or to just get to know their spouse better before marriage by understanding how they handle conflicts and life goals.

Marital Tune-Ups

A close relationship with one's spouse can be one of life's greatest rewards. Many couples are doing fairly well, but just want to work positively on their relationship in order to improve intimacy and communication, or resolve fairly a specific problem.

Divorce Counseling: Is Divorce Right for Me?

I also see couples for divorce counseling. Couples also come in some times to determine if they want to divorce or not. Some of these couples, in virtue of treating each other kindly in therapy, decide to continue their relationship. On the other hand, some couples use therapy as an opportunity to reveal to their spouse their decision to divorce. Divorce Counseling can help create a more peaceful and understanding conversation when this is disclosed.

Post-Divorce Counseling

A unique offering of my practice is that I also see couples who have divorced already and want to live a more peaceful life in their current relationship with their ex-spouse for the purpose of co-parenting, running a common business, etc. This is post divorce counseling.