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Dr. Scott Poland

Psychology and Mediation

Dr. Scott Poland
Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Mediator
Psychotherapy, Counseling, Marriage Counseling,
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mediation, Divorce Mediation
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Counseling  (Who I See and What I Do):

Counseling / Psychotherapy / Marital Therapy:

My services include individual, couples, marital, and pre-marital therapy. I provide stress management and anger management, as well as career development and career planning. I see clients from teenage to in their 90's. I do not see pediatric clients, but can refer you to colleagues who specialize in seeing young children. See also the link My Approach to Counseling and Evaluations for more information.

I treat those with the following challenges:

Abuse: Psychological and Physical
ADHD and ADD Evaluations for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Adjustment Disorders
Alcohol Abuse
Bipolar Disorders
Career Transition
Chronic Pain
Communication Problems and Skills Building
Conversion Disorder (Functional Neurological Disorder)
Dating Issues
Divorce Counseling: with your ex-spouse for various reasons
Divorce Recovery
Drug addition and Drug Experimentation: Understanding the effects of drugs on the body, mind, and emotions
Employee Challenges
Forgiveness: the Forgiveness Process
Functional Neurological Disorder (Conversion Disorder)
Gambling Addiction
Habits: breaking bad habits
Intermittent Explosive Disorder
Libido: low Libido
Life Purpose
Loss: Relationship, Financial, etc.
Management Problems
Medical Problems: coping
Mid-Life "Crisis" Issues
"Mind-Body" Issues
Panic Attacks
Performance Anxiety
Prostitution: treating prostitutes, sexual escorts, and those in the "blue" industry
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Problem Solving Skills
Relationship Problems
Relaxation Techniques
Retirement Problems and Adjustment
Sexual Dysfunctions
Sleep Problems
Social Anxiety
Social Skills
Stage Fright
Stress Management Techniques
Substance abuse
Victim of Abusive Relationships
Work Related Problems
Work Stress

The Forgiveness Process:

I facilitate the forgiveness process for those I see individually or for couples and marital therapy. For many clients, it is a transformative process. The Forgiveness Process can also be a part of mediation sessions when both parties agree and request it, and it is appropriate.

I do not treat the following conditions:

I do not see children under the age of 16, and thus do not have a "pediatric" practice.

I do not treat sex offenders.

I do not treat Borderline Personality Disorder clients.


I provide a variety of psychological evaluations including: diagnostic, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, adoption, and evaluations for probation and career counseling. I also offer other types of evaluations. Please feel free to inquire about your specific evaluation needs.

Collaborative Treatment:

I communicate regularly with clients' physicians, psychiatrists, and other medical specialists as needed for successful collaborative treatment.

Motivational Trainings for Organizations:

I have conducted many mental health trainings for various organizations with a wide range of topics. Feel free to request a list. I can typicallytailor a presentation to suit your specific organizational needs.

One of the most fun, motivational, and innovative presentations I have created is "The Magic and Power of the Mind" which includes a demonstration with active audience participation. The training includes magical mental illusions and allows one to experience the remarkable possibilities that are within each of us. Participants will get to answer for themselves the following questions. What only is a magical illusion? What demonstrations simply show the outer limits of the laws of physics? What seemingly impossible mental feats can be accomplished by anyone with practice?

In this interactive presentation, I utilize my amateur magician skills, memorization techniques, reading body language abilities, and show how to apply the various demonstrations to help build powerful teams and individual successes. It is fun presentation that can help people realize that they can accomplish far more than they realize. The training encourages people to believe in themselves and in their work teams. Participants have commented that the presentation inspired them to believe in themselves, and in the power of their team to work together positively, effectively, and efficiently.

Please feel free to inquire about this and many other training topics and rates for your company. Feel free to inquire about a tailored training that specifically meets your company's needs.